PAME STOIXIMA: Over 14 million Euros in winnings handed out last week

Pame Stoixima by OPAP hands out major winnings to thousands of players, on a daily basis. Last week, from 1st to 6 January 2020, players won more than 14 million Euros.

The big winner of the week, who played at an OPAP agency in Athens, selected the “Half Time- Final Score” bet in six matches of Super League1, Serie A, the 1st division of Portugal and the English Cup, played a 3-4-5-6 system and won 7,149.48 euros with a 10.50 euro bet.

As for Pame Stoixima-Horse Races, on Sunday 5 January 2020 at Markopoulo Park, a winner in Score 6 (correct prediction of the winner in six races) won 2,078 euros (1 euro column), while 14 players won from 1,039 euros each (0.50 euro column).