PAME STOIXIMA: Over 16 million Euros in winnings were handed out last week

"Pame Stoixima" by OPAP hands out big winnings to thousands of players, on a daily basis. From September 12 to September 18, 2017, players won more than 16 million Euros.

‘'Pame Stoixima'' offers extra winnings through Super Paroli

"Pame Stoixima" players have the opportunity to increase their winnings through Super Paroli, which are preselected bets. A key advantage is that they maintain unchanged odds.

"Pame Stoixima" offers three Super Paroli bets on Saturday September 23 and on Sunday September 24. 

Οn Saturday, the first Super Paroli includes the wins of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain and the second one includes the wins of Liverpool, Juventus and Barcelona. On Sunday, Super Paroli includes the wins of PAOK, Hannover and Fiorentina.

Last week, four Super Paroli bets handed out extra winnings, on Tuesday September 12 (with the wins of Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona), on Thursday September 14 (with the wins of Milan, Arsenal and Marseille) and two on Sunday September 17 (the first one with the wins of Milan, Manchester United and Real Madrid and the second one (with the wins of Marseille, Sevilla and Lazio).