The lucky player from Arta bet 8,70 euros in the special bet for the time of first goal

Special bets of "Pame STOIXIMA" give away big winnings. The lucky player from Arta bet on time of first goal in 7 matches of Champions League.
All 6 of the player's choices were correct and all had high odds between 4,50 and 5,50 since this particular special bet has high odds, regardless of the time of the first goal, and gives the players the opportunity to win big winnings with small amounts of money.
The lucky player of Tuesday, November 4th used a 5-6-7 system in 7 games in a slip that cost 8,70 euros. Despite losing a match, the player won the amount of 8.462,90 euros from the six folds and five folds!
The lucky slip was played at the agency of Mrs. CHRISAVGI PAPATHANASIOU in Arta.