PAME STOIXIMA: Over 19 million Euros in winnings handed out last week

Pame Stoixima by OPAP hands out major winnings to thousands of players, on a daily basis. Last week, from 21 to 27 September, 2021, total winnings exceeded 19 million Euros.

The big winner of the week, who played at an OPAP store in Plagiari, Thessaloniki, won 9,343.37 euros with a 6,50 euro bet, using a 2-3-4-5 system. He selected the “Half Time- Final Score” in five matches from Serie A, the first division of Belgium, Switzerland and the second division of Germany, Switzerland.

As for Pame Stoixima-Horse Races, on Monday, September 27, one winner from Paleo Faliro selected the Quinella bet (correct prediction of the first two horses of a race in either order for two consecutive races) in the 7th Greek Horse Race and won 1,339.09 euros, while one winner form Ano Liosia who selected Score 4 (winner in four races) in the 1st Greek Horse Race won 1,015.09 euros.